Even Tree Care Companies Benefit From Outsourcing

There are many businesses in the United States that outsource customer service to Indian call centers. Some of these businesses are among the top companies in the world.

There is a lukewarm feeling about Indian call centers among Americans. People feel that jobs are being taken from them. They also feel it is hard to understand non-native English speaking operators.

The origin of outsourcing began in the 1990s. Big corporations like General Electric had divisions in India. The head of the GE took advice from an Indian realtor one year and bought an office for its Indian division. Shortly thereafter, the head of GE in India formed a voice operations company with managers from GE and American Express. Its objective was to facilitate communications with their US counterparts.

It immediately became clear to GE and many other US businesses how convenient and cost-effective the call-center process promised to be. Soon, the advent of the Internet and other telecommunications advances proved this to be true. By the 2000s, companies in the US that were now reliant on their online presences were using the affordable off-shore help.

The main benefit of call centers is that they are cost effective. The call center pays for its employees and the company that hires it pays the center for its services only. Everything including training is done at the call centers so the entire customer service process is taken care of. The company hiring the call centers does not have to worry about finding its own employees, training them or paying them full-time salaries.

There is evidence that outsourcing can reduce customer satisfaction. and can cause a firm to lose business. We know of a tree care company that was growing so much that they couldn’t keep up with the amount of inquiries, so they outsourced their data processing, and was able to keep up with demand and become profitable again. Overall, when handled correctly outsourcing can improve a company’s profit. Outsourced customer service has a healthy future in sight.

How the Business of Outsourcing Customer Service Began

Outsourced customer service is a practice where a company hires another to handle its customer service usually by telephone, online chat or by e-mail. The major companies that handle this type of work are located in India. The practice has been in place for about two decades, but how and why did it start?

Outsourcing work from the United States to countries like India started in the 1990s. During this decade, companies like General Electric and American Express were expanding and merging. The entities had divisions in countries like India.

The head of GE in the US had a realtor in India help him find an ideal location for its offices there. The Indian head of GE eventually merged his managers with those of American Express. They created a firm that was dedicated to voice operations. They needed this as a means to doing their own communicating back and forth with their American colleagues.

The company took off as a leader in the field of customer service. Businesses in the US quickly saw how convenient and affordable it was to hire the less expensive labor in India. By the 2000s, most major global companies had websites. With the Internet, there were more alternatives to handling customer service.

Instead of relying on phone communications, they could now handle complaints and problems with customers via e-mail, chat and instant messaging. This work could be done remotely just about anywhere making it feasible to do business from the US with people in India.

As the practice became more common, Americans worried that jobs were being taken away from the US. They also felt it was frustrating to communicate with people who were difficult to understand clearly.

When handled well, customer service outsourcing can increase customer satisfaction for large firms. The practice of outsourcing customer service has a bright future.

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